Alpine Wellness - „L Medel“

At the end of an intense day of sport and fun there is nothing better than spend a few moments of relax directly under the sky and the stars. A breathtaking view and the freedom to enjoy that what is the most important and pleasant in this instant for you.
Our Residence Merk is situated in the middle of the wood, in Selva Gardena and has a panoramic sauna and a relax zone with fireplace and vital corner.
The peculiarity of wellbeing finds its peak in the attic under the roof, in our hay-beds of the mountain pastures of the Passo Sella. You will feel pampered by the scent of the hay and will benefit of all its positive effects on your mood.
A jump in the fresh snow could be a special emotion to be experienced as well.
The attention is focused on the essential in our hut because the surrounding mountains have the power to transmit pure energy for your body and soul.
Enjoy your downtime…

Gallery pictures indoor

Gallery pictures outdoor